Ragnarök's Call




To: Psyche, Ricochet, Knuckles, Cherub, Beguiler: FOR THEIR EYES ONLY
CC: Director Mays
From: Ceastus Pax, Nova Attaché to the Director
Date: 5/12/99
Re: Code of Conduct

»Welcome Aboard.
Congratulations to each of you on your new assignment with Team Aegis. It was great getting to know each of you in training. We are all hopeful that we can contribute in a meaningful way to the vision of a new world. As you have probably heard by now, I have been appointed Nova Attaché to the Director. I will be a direct line to the Director should you have any concerns or questions about our assignments, organization, or policies. We will be working with you and the local Seattle government to begin a program of Community Workshops in which each of your individual talents will be featured in a way that positively affects the community.

I need to be very clear when I say this, please forgive me if I seem terse. We are NOT displacing the local police and civil servants. If our aid is requested we will do what we can to help. The general populace is still very uneasy about the recent explosion in Nova numbers. They fear us. They shouldn’t. We must show them that their anxiety is unnecessary, at the very least when dealing with delegates from Project Eden.

That said, we have already established a protocol for the time if and when our aid is requested:

Project Utopia Code of Conduct
1. You Are Not Above the Law – First and foremost, obey all local, State, and Federal laws.
2. Diplomacy First – If a situation arises that leans toward confrontation, employ every reasonable avenue possible to bring the situation to a peaceful end.
3. We Are Here To Help – Project Utopia’s mission statement declares that it the organizations goal to “further the progress, well-being, and stability of life everywhere on planet earth.” Never forget, you are our public face and diplomats to the world, and you represent all Novas.
4. Violence Is Seldom The Answer – But sometimes it is. If a situation moves beyond a diplomatic possibility and the lives of innocents are put at risk (particularly by another Nova), you are authorized to your use your talents to diffuse the situation as quickly and safely as possible. Lethal force should be the absolute last option.

Thank You and Good Luck,




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