Ragnarök's Call

Chapter 1 - Session 1 - Recap - Ricochet

2-14-09 session

Lab Notebooks of Dr. Anna Calhoun
Volume 99PR—001

(messily scrawled)

RRLryae sprsingly intriging…nvr thouhgt much f vrible strs befor. Poss.collab.w/....guy….on thsis?


Lab Notebooks of Dr. Anna Calhoun
Volume 99PR—002

(much neater than previous entry)

EPIC hangover. Dim memories of rocketing martini olives around a dance club. Of course, had brutally early meeting w/the PE bigwigs. Got tour of the bat-tower (note: find better name), but was interrupted by the call of duty. Broken gas main ignited across town and it was Team Us to the rescue. Did some good work, saved some people. If this is what they are paying us for, I think I’ve tumbled into a pretty sweet deal. Am meeting with my assistant guy (Sparky?) to discuss knocking out the wall between the library and the study and bringing in some better equipment—PE is springing for a lab in my penthouse in addition to the office/lab I’ve got downstairs.

Memo from Dr. Anna Calhoun
To: Sparky the Assistant Guy


Sparky—why the hell is some idiot grad student from UWash calling me about RR Lyrae? I do not collaborate with predocs. Moreover, I do not give a crap about variable stars. I refer you to my dissertation and all my publications, familiarity with which should have been a prerequisite for this position. Tell DumbDumb Lyrae to find another sucker and leave me alone, then take a moment to learn how to screen calls.


Lab Notebooks of Dr. Anna Calhoun
Volume 99PR—003

Sometimes, we use our talents for good….sometimes we use them for awesome. PE scheduled an exhibition event for us—taking down a building. Seriously. Alice, Knuckles, and I got to destroy some old building in front of cameras and a bunch of people. Lots of kids, which was annoying, but hey, maybe they learned something about physics and engineering. Worse than the kids, though, was the jackass that crashed the party. One of those, I don’t know what they are called, separatists or something. Teragen, the PE briefers told us later. The "ooh, I’m so superior" crowd. Swooped in out of nowhere, made some disparaging remarks, then took off again. Heard about these guys, can’t say it’s been excellent to actually meet one. Am not impressed.

From: Dr. Anna Calhoun, PhD <ricochet@projecteden.com>
To: Gang Xue <grid@projecteden.com>
Subject: Lab Needs   

Level with me, Grid. What does a girl have to do to get a particle accelerator around here?


From: Dr. Anna Calhoun, PhD <ricochet@projecteden.com>
To: Dr. Brian Greene <bgreene@columbia.edu>
Subject: Your request


Asked around, found one nova who can in fact focus his eyesight down to the quantum level. As a favor he described to me what he sees as the fundamental unit of matter. Turns out it’s not strings after all…it’s teeny tiny elves flipping you off.

In case that was too sutble: no, I won’t provide a blurb for your stupid book.

From: Dr. Anna Calhoun, PhD <ricochet@projecteden.com>
To: Knuckles <knuckles@projecteden.com>, Alice Anderson <psyche@projecteden.com>, Dr. Cara Whitmore, MD <cherub@projecteden.com>, Niko Kozlov <beguiler@projecteden.com>, Gang Xue <grid@projecteden.com>
Subject: Tuesday Night

There’s a ten-part documentary on the origins of the universe starting Tuesday at 9pm on PBS…and my place has a screening room. Who else is thinking team night? I’ll have popcorn and beer! 



Sick as this sounds, I might just register that domain…


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