Ragnarök's Call



To: Alice Anderson, Eustus Featherbottom, Cara Whitemore, Anna Calhoun, Nikolai Kozlov
CC: Director Mays
From: Mark Meechum, Deputy Director of Operations
Date: 5/11/99
Re: Welcome!

» Hello to all our new and fresh faces First, let me say congratulations to each of you, we are all very excited at the new day that is dawning here and all over the world. I hope you all have found our little organization to your liking. We all look forward to leading the charge (with your help!) in shaping a better tomorrow for all of mankind. The future is here!

Now, to business, you have each been chosen to be members of Team Aegis. Teams of Novas are being set up all over the country (and the world) to act as agents of good will and (if need be) aids to the local authorities in crises such as disaster management or crime control. Note: This is not to suggest that any Project Utopia employees may act with impunity. All local, state, and federal laws must be upheld at all times. Furthermore, Team Aegis is only to assist local authorities when that assistance is requested and sanctioned by the local government officials.

Team Aegis will be dispatched to Seattle, WA. There are offices there being prepared for your arrival now. Wait until you see the view! The people of the West coastal areas have been a bit more receptive to the ideas of Nova aid within the community and we feel strongly that you should encounter little resistance from the locals. For now, your responsibilities will include public relations and community outreach. It may be that in time your territory will expand beyond the borders of Seattle and out into the surrounding area, perhaps even to the entire state, or the entire Pacific Northwest! Until then, we must focus on the here and now, assuring everyone that Novas are just people with extraordinary abilities and no more reason to be feared than their neighbor.



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