Ragnarök's Call


After the Gala, the team tries to track down Owen, the young man who held up the gala, who was revealed to be Cara’s biological son. Beguiler begins looking for clues in the local drug scene and finds clues to a local rave where it was suspected that Owen had spent some time. While at the rave, the group becomes aware of an organization called the Harvesters. The find some information about the Harvesters and manage to set up a meeting with them. The meeting turns out to be a planned massacre. The group arrives just after the violence begins. Inside, a number of mutated dog-like creatures have set upon a group of runaways and vagabonds. Among them, is a teenager the group had seen at the party several nights before. As the group is trying to save as many of the innocents as possible, the young man begins erupting. It becomes clear this is an ambush to force eruptions. The Harvesters make an escape with the erupting teen. The team finishes clearing out the mutant dogs. They call in a clean up team and take samples back to the Project Eden headquarters for analysis.

Later that week, the team was following a lead on a drug dealer they had bugged at the rave. They receive a distress call from the local authorities. A monstrous mutant dog was attacking the downtown area. The drug dealer was caught by the monster and killed. The team tracks the monster back to an area in the sewer where it was set loose.



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