Cara Whitmore

Dr. Cara Whitmore, of the wealthy and influential Chicago Whitmores, is a parasitologist and pediatrician who has dedicated her career to eradicating the effects of preventable diseases such as malaria and yellow fever in the African subcontinent.


Attributes and Abilities


Strength 2


Athletics 3 (5)

Drive1 (3)

Martial Arts 2 (4)

Stamina 2

Endurance 3 (5)

Resistance 3 (5)



Perception 2

Awareness 3 (5)

Investigation 2 (4)

Intelligence 4

Academics 1 (5)

Bureaucracy 1 (5)

Linguistics1 (5)

Medicine 5 (9)

Science 3 (7)

Survival 2 (6)

Wits 3

Rapport 1 (4)



Appearance 3

Manipulation 2

Interrogation1 (3)

Charisma 3

Command2 (5)




Contacts 4

Resources 2

Influence 4

Willpower 3

Taint 4



Quantum 4



Intelligence 1

Mental prodigy: medical


<u>Quantum Powers</u>

Healing 2

Quantum Leech/Siphon 2

Invisibility  1


Cara Whitmore grew up in a wealthy suburb of Chicago, the only daughter and heir apparent to the Whitmore Pharmaceuticals fortune.  The role and importance of science and technology on the preservation of human life was imprinted on Cara at a young age, and she followed in her father's footsteps as a Biochemistry major at Northwestern University.  However, her goal of becoming a research chemist was irrevocably changed during a year-long study abroad experience in rural Argentina.  Cara was amazed at the sanitation and hygeine standards of the villagers she worked with, and realized that her father's dream of better living through chemistry could only be realized when low-tech sanitation methods such as water filtration, simple vaccination, and sleeping under a mosquito net were consistently implemented among the world's poorest and most remote populations.

Having earned top grades in her undergraduate coursework and near-perfect MCAT scores, Cara decided to accept a fellowship to attend the Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, MD.  Cara especially enjoyed working with children during her medical education, and upon graduation completed a double residency in Pediatrics and Parasitology.  Since completion of her residency, Cara has devoted her career – and considerable wealth and influence – to eradicating the effects of preventable disease in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cara was in Italy recruiting the financial support of several of her father's business colleagues for her latest humanitarian effort to provide mosquito netting for African children, Nothing But Net, when the Galatea disaster occured.

Intense and passionate about her cause, Cara sometimes has a difficult time understanding the materialistic tendencies of her colleagues and counterparts.  Furthermore, Cara considers herself a healer and preserver of life above all else, and is physically incapable of inflicting harm on others without dire cause.  She will go so far as to put herself in harm's way and take extra risk to ensure the safety of those she feels responsible for.

Cara Whitmore

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