Ragnarök's Call


After the team’s encounter with the twisted dog, the specimen was sent to Project Eden headquarters where it was found to be highly radioactive. A full workup was performed to discover the creature’s origin. Meanwhile, a lead from the rave, a new street drug called Phreak was linked to the rave the team attended a few nights before. They tracked down a drug dealer who dealt in Phreak. Their interrogation was short lived as they learned this dealer knew little more about the new drug, where it came from, or how it was made, than they did. In order to follow him to the source of his supply, the team wiped his memory, staged a mugging, and dumped him into an alley to make it seem like his supply of Phreak had been pilfered, all the while sending several samples of Phreak to the labs at Project Eden to be analyzed.

The dealer, Marty, went to an abandoned basement floor of a brownstone walk up where he picked up his supply of Phreak. They ambushed the man that came to meet Marty. During the encounter, Marty spontaneously combusted in a giant fireball wounding several team members. As the fire receded, Marty’s screaming went on as he continued to burn seemingly to death. The door from which the informant had come lead down into the substructure of the building. Just before deciding to follow the new path, the team noticed that the room was covered by cameras. Armed with the knowledge that whoever was watching on the other side, likely knew they were coming, they followed the underground path to disused part of the old city sewer.

In this quarantined area of the city’s infrastructure they found a charnel house. An underground lab was stocked with bodies, some in body bags, others just stacked in corners. In one corner were two live bodies on operating tables. The backs of their heads had been surgically drilled out and the fluids were being collected in bags by the bedside. Somehow the two were still alive but as Cara examined them, she knew there was no healing their condition. One of them was the kidnapped teen who had erupted just a few nights ago. She channeled her powers to ease the pain of the survivors. She gritted her teeth in anger as she euthanized this young man. She was more angry than she’d ever been in her life, at the futility of his death, the brutality, the pain he’d suffered, the fact that there were evil men in the world who would do this to other humans without so much as a thought.

Then something happened.

Cara felt a throbbing pain in her head and the halo of golden light that normally accompanies the use of her powers began to grow and intensify until it filled the room. Her head began to hurt just like when she had erupted but far more intensely, the pain that had been stretched over 36 hours before was now compressed into just a few seconds or minutes, it was hard to tell. She was driven to her knees by the pain in this filthy slaughterhouse next to the dead boy, she reached out for something, down, and her hand closed around something new… but familiar.

When the light receded Cara was changed.

She didn’t seem any larger physically but she stood taller and more erect. Her pragmatic, mousy blond hair now hung thick, long, and golden, nearly to her waist. The clothes she had been wearing had changed completely, she was wearing flowing alabaster robes that rippled gently as she moved. From her back there billowed two feathered, diaphanous wings.

She was holding a sword.

More than her clothes, her hair, or even her sword, her eyes changed. They were hard-bitten, pained… resolute.

The team was dumbfounded but had no time try to make sense of what had just happened, and Cara gave them no chance for questions. She moved from the room quickly, driven by some new purpose. The team eventually found the team of novas responsible for Phreak. The Harvesters. Phreak was made from an extract that had to be taken from a live nova’s cerebrospinal fluid. The fight with the Harvesters was relatively brief but brutal. Nico was nearly killed and for the first time in a long time, Knuckles was hurt. Cara, with her new found battle prowess, became jury, judge, and executioner to several of the Harvesters. They managed to take one of them alive and package him back to Project Eden HQ. Over the next few weeks, lab work confirmed the origin of Phreak. The Eden executives took some time to perform some tests on Cara as well. This 2nd eruption was unheard of.

During this time, Daedalus contacted the group again. It was a reminder about the meeting they’d set up. Nico and Knuckles went to the meeting, the others thinking it was a hoax. Also at the meeting were a number of novas from the private sector. Most of them with noncombat abilities. They said they had received the same message from someone called Daedalus and they were here to see what it was about. There were six of them. The only thing that seemed to connect all of the meeting attendees was a trend that each of them were extremely wealthy, respected, if not altogether famous. Daedalus remotely dialed into the meeting from an old computer in the hotel lobby. This time, it wasn’t a pre recorded message but Daedalus himself. He answered what questions he could but reiterated to all of them that they were part of a virtual world, that they were, each of them still imprisoned in an old military base on the Balkan peninsula, where they had been for the last 2 years. He said he could offer them proof and get them out, but he needed their help. He gave them a list of very specific instructions to carry out at the dock of Seattle, in the main control room. He also said they needed to destroy a server farm in the subbasement of a local high rise. The team was felt that it was all an elaborate hoax but Daedalus knew too much about them for them to be entirely comfortable. Knuckles and Nico contacted the rest of the group to let them know how the meeting had gone and the team decided to split up and attempt to carry out Daedalus’ instructions, if only to prove their falsehood. The group split up into two groups. Knuckles and Cara went to the high rise to attack the server farm. While Psyche, Ricochet, and Beguiler went with the five of the civilians to input the commands at the docks.

At the high rise, Knuckles and Cara ran into a security force with incredibly high tech weaponry that shot first without asking many questions. They fought their way to the basement with Glitch, the one civilian who was needed on this mission. The found the server farm and Glitch followed the commands that Daedalus had given him. Just as the security reinforcements were storming the room everything stopped. Men were frozen midstep, some off the ground, hanging in air like a photograph. Convinced that Daedalus was for real, they destroyed the server farm and made their way to the docks.

At the docks, the 3 other team members were overseeing the bizarre instructions given to them by Daedalus. In the middle of the sequence, they were attacked by a strange nova who seemed to be made of liquidous metal. The team of 3 were clearly outmatched on their own, and two of the civilians died in the ensuing combat. Knuckles and Cara (now called Seraph) helped defeat the new threat and allow the rest of the team to finish inputting the code.

As the code was entered, a large tanker out in the slips began to rotate as if on an axis. It slowly spun until the entire boat was capsized. In the hull of the ship, underwater until recently, was a ladder, carved right into the steel hull. At the top of the ladder about halfway up the hull, now out of the water, was a door.

Inside the door the group found a room of light. Inside the room made of light, was Grid, who had been missing for several days. He explained, rather pained, that what Daedalus had said was true, and that he was one of the wardens of their prison. He explained that each of these facilities, he didn’t know how many there were or where they were just that there were others, was run by a telepath and a cyberkinetic. The marriage of psychic thought control and technology wired directly into the brain was what made the prisons work. He apologized and told them that he could not leave with them. His life was in even more danger than theirs because soon it would be known that he helped them escape. The group offered him protection but he declined, saying he would be a much greater danger to them than they knew. He said he would do one last thing to help them escape by unlocking all of the doors in the compound where they were held. The light in the room grew until it consumed their vision and then was gone.

They each woke in a holding tank, no bigger than a coffin filled with some kind of viscous amniotic fluid. As they fought their way out of these steel fish bowls, they saw that they were in a room with nearly 2 dozen other similar tanks. This facility held 42 novas captive in all and soon after the team awoke, small antipersonnel mines inside the tanks began going off, snuffing the life from dozens of novas they were unable to save. They began to make their way to the surface.

Three stories up on the ground, Daedalus was waging a one-man war against the site’s security forces. His battle suit made short work of the baseline defenses and vehicles. As the team surfaced, they cut a path through the base to the Icarus, Daedalus’ transoceanic transport. As they were flying over the Caspian Sea, Nico made an attempt to psychically control Daedalus and force him to take him to Moscow and drop him off. Daedalus, infuriated, set the ship down and kicked Nico off somewhere on the western coast of the Caspian. The rest of the team was too rattled to react and before they knew it they were racing across the Atlantic to Daedalus’ own compound. A decommissioned Titan missile base in the cornfields of the Midwest.

At the present time, the team is staying with Daedalus, revealed to be Jason Langley, an ex-NSA operative who had helped the team in Venice when all this started. Nico is still adrift somewhere on the Balkan peninsula. Cara still has questions about her son, was he alive, was he really a nova? And the entire team was trying to wrestle with the fact that the last 2 years of their life had been a lie. They were not rich, they were not celebrities, they were not heroes. In fact, they were international fugitives and suspected terrorists.


After the Gala, the team tries to track down Owen, the young man who held up the gala, who was revealed to be Cara’s biological son. Beguiler begins looking for clues in the local drug scene and finds clues to a local rave where it was suspected that Owen had spent some time. While at the rave, the group becomes aware of an organization called the Harvesters. The find some information about the Harvesters and manage to set up a meeting with them. The meeting turns out to be a planned massacre. The group arrives just after the violence begins. Inside, a number of mutated dog-like creatures have set upon a group of runaways and vagabonds. Among them, is a teenager the group had seen at the party several nights before. As the group is trying to save as many of the innocents as possible, the young man begins erupting. It becomes clear this is an ambush to force eruptions. The Harvesters make an escape with the erupting teen. The team finishes clearing out the mutant dogs. They call in a clean up team and take samples back to the Project Eden headquarters for analysis.

Later that week, the team was following a lead on a drug dealer they had bugged at the rave. They receive a distress call from the local authorities. A monstrous mutant dog was attacking the downtown area. The drug dealer was caught by the monster and killed. The team tracks the monster back to an area in the sewer where it was set loose.

Gala Recap

Lab Notebooks of Dr. Anna Calhoun
Volume 99PR—124
Our Powers Didn’t Appear to Be Working
Hypothesis: Owen was doing something to dampen our powers.
Hypothesis: Something in the room was able to dampen our powers.
Hypothesis: Someone else in the room was dampening our powers.
Action: Return to room, try powers out again. Will need to bring all novas present (Grid, myself, Cara, and Alice) as well as those not present.
Note: Cara was able to perform some healing on my leg. Could be a difference between potentially agressive power and non-threatening power? But Grid couldn’t talk to computers…

Teragen arrived through a portal
Hypothesis: could have been nova power that was unaffected b/c it was non-threatening, and whatever was affecting our powers was targeting threatening action.
Hypothesis: could have been nova power that was unaffected b/c the Teragen themselves were the ones dampening our powers.
Hypothesis: could have been nova power that was unaffected b/c the Teragen were in cooperation with who/whatever was dampening our powers.
Hypothesis: Was not a nova power, but some other technology

Owen broke into four Owens
Hypothesis: Owen’s a nova. Is consistent with behavior of quantum particles.

Owen’s dreams
Hypothesis: Standard psychotic hoo-ha, a jumble of half-remembered Revelation and millenial fears exacerbated by nova eruption.
Note: Owen is in the age range consistent with onset of schizophrenia.
Hypothesis:Owen’s dreams are harbingers of future doom. Feel as if I should say "mwahaha" after that sentence.
Note: Is hogwash.
Note: Novas (Alice, Nico, etc.) do show signs of advanced perception. Owen could be unconciously using nova perception powers to be noting naturally occuring signs (climate change, bird flight patterns, etc.), mixing that with Sunday school bullshit, and manifesting it as dreams.
Note: Is still hogwash.
- – - – - – - – -

From: Dr. Anna Calhoun, PhD <ricochet@projecteden.com>
To: Knuckles <knuckles@projecteden.com>, Alice Anderson <psyche@projecteden.com>, Dr. Cara Whitmore, MD <cherub@projecteden.com>, Niko Kozlov <beguiler@projecteden.com>, Gang Xue <grid@projecteden.com>
Subject: Experimentation

Supression of other nova’s abilities is a heretofore unknown manifestation of nova powers. While there’s no reason to think it’s not possible, let’s make sure that every road is closed before we follow that one. To that end, could we meet later today at Four Seasons, in the room Alice, Grid, Cara, and I were held hostage? Would like to test our abilities in that room to ensure that nothing in the room or about the room was acting against us.

Yes, Knuckles, I will pay for lunch while we are there.


- – - – - – - – - – - –

Memo from Dr. Anna Calhoun
To: Dr. Brian Willis, PhD.

See what you can find out about Owen Duchon and his mother, Clarice Duchon Do they live in the area? Does Owen have a police record, or was he a good kid? In college? Any recent hospitalizations, history of mental illness, etc? Eruption causes severe headaches…has he been treated for migraines or similar in past year? Where was he when Galatea blew? Seemed like he didn’t know anything about novas. Was he living under a rock?

Don’t mention to Dr. Whitmore or Rosie yet. Will handle that myself.
– - – - – - – - –

Lab Notebooks of Dr. Anna Calhoun
Volume 99PR—125

Well. Rules some things out. All our powers worked perfectly well in the room. Remains possible that there was a contraption of some kind that was emitting – what, an EM field? or similar? that dampened our powers but has since been removed. Cops assure us that room has been treated as a crime scene and that anything coming out of room has been tagged as evidence and taken to the forensics dept. Falling on Occam’s Razor here and going with idea that Owen’s power – or there power of a so far unknown third party – somehow includes the ability to dampen others’.

Our Powers Didn’t Appear to Be Working
Hypothesis: Owen was doing something to dampen our powers.
Hypothesis: Someone else in the room was dampening our powers.
Note: Cara was able to perform some healing on my leg. Could be a difference between potentially agressive power and non-threatening power? But Grid couldn’t talk to computers…

Teragen arrived through a portal
Hypothesis: could have been nova power that was unaffected b/c it was non-threatening, and whatever was affecting our powers was targeting threatening action.
Hypothesis: could have been nova power that was unaffected b/c the Teragen were in cooperation with whoever was dampening our powers.
Note: Owen did not appear to be familiar with the Teragen, or with novas in general. Unlikely that he was faking…unless his powers include deception as well.
Hypothesis: Was not a nova power, but some other technology
Note: There is a nova power for creating portals of this or similar type.
– - – - – - – - –

Lab Notebooks of Dr. Anna Calhoun
Volume 99PR—126

Running computer simulation of quantum entanglement. Results expected in 10-15min.

Still have not forgotten that Grid the Lightweight decided to serenade us w/Greatest Hits of Ace of Base last night. Am attempting to hack his system to play nothing but ABBA.

L = 1/ 4g^2 ƒ Tr F ^ F,

More I reflect on events at gala, angrier I get. Cara is despondent,understandably. Was an evening of several unpleasant shocks for her. She is focused on getting Owen back, but I wonder if that is even possible, much less advisable. Alice is upset that those two assholes were killed, but I can’t bring myself to care. As far as I’m concerned, they damn near deserved it. What were they thinking? I had him. I was talking him down, amazingly enough. Up until that point, no one had really gotten hurt but me. Suspect the two dead jokers were suffering from some acute testosterone poisoning brought on by a combination of having seen too many action movies and being faced with a real possibility that the situation could be resolved with minimal violence by three women. Clearly, this could not stand.


to be honest, though – it’s not like killing those two guys was a point of no return. We all freaked out and then the Teragen showed up, but…one card left unplayed, you know? I keep thinking that maybe he felt like he had no choice but to go with the bad guys. Because he killed two people, and the good guys would lock him up. Should’ve just owned up to it. When I erupted, I killed somebody. Technically speaking. I mean, she came back, but still. Might have swayed him into coming with us if I’d tossed that out there.

Then again, turns out the person I "killed" is his mom, so. Maybe not. Still. Feel like it’s a . . . point of connection? Maybe I’m reaching.

|<Ω,O(→x)O(→y)Ω| ≤exp(−C|→x − →y|)

Am COMPUTER GENIUS! Am in Grid’s system and commencing "Dancing Queen." Heh.
– - – - – - – - –

Sticky Note stuck to elevator entry doors of Anna’s penthouse:

"Ben – Going to fucking kill Grid. It’s everything – radio, computer, EVEN THE FUCKING BLENDER. @ Starbucks if need me."

From inside the penthouse: the sound of every electronic device playing "It’s A Small World"

Chapter 1 - Session 1 - Recap - Ricochet
2-14-09 session

Lab Notebooks of Dr. Anna Calhoun
Volume 99PR—001

(messily scrawled)

RRLryae sprsingly intriging…nvr thouhgt much f vrible strs befor. Poss.collab.w/....guy….on thsis?


Lab Notebooks of Dr. Anna Calhoun
Volume 99PR—002

(much neater than previous entry)

EPIC hangover. Dim memories of rocketing martini olives around a dance club. Of course, had brutally early meeting w/the PE bigwigs. Got tour of the bat-tower (note: find better name), but was interrupted by the call of duty. Broken gas main ignited across town and it was Team Us to the rescue. Did some good work, saved some people. If this is what they are paying us for, I think I’ve tumbled into a pretty sweet deal. Am meeting with my assistant guy (Sparky?) to discuss knocking out the wall between the library and the study and bringing in some better equipment—PE is springing for a lab in my penthouse in addition to the office/lab I’ve got downstairs.

Memo from Dr. Anna Calhoun
To: Sparky the Assistant Guy


Sparky—why the hell is some idiot grad student from UWash calling me about RR Lyrae? I do not collaborate with predocs. Moreover, I do not give a crap about variable stars. I refer you to my dissertation and all my publications, familiarity with which should have been a prerequisite for this position. Tell DumbDumb Lyrae to find another sucker and leave me alone, then take a moment to learn how to screen calls.


Lab Notebooks of Dr. Anna Calhoun
Volume 99PR—003

Sometimes, we use our talents for good….sometimes we use them for awesome. PE scheduled an exhibition event for us—taking down a building. Seriously. Alice, Knuckles, and I got to destroy some old building in front of cameras and a bunch of people. Lots of kids, which was annoying, but hey, maybe they learned something about physics and engineering. Worse than the kids, though, was the jackass that crashed the party. One of those, I don’t know what they are called, separatists or something. Teragen, the PE briefers told us later. The "ooh, I’m so superior" crowd. Swooped in out of nowhere, made some disparaging remarks, then took off again. Heard about these guys, can’t say it’s been excellent to actually meet one. Am not impressed.

From: Dr. Anna Calhoun, PhD <ricochet@projecteden.com>
To: Gang Xue <grid@projecteden.com>
Subject: Lab Needs   

Level with me, Grid. What does a girl have to do to get a particle accelerator around here?


From: Dr. Anna Calhoun, PhD <ricochet@projecteden.com>
To: Dr. Brian Greene <bgreene@columbia.edu>
Subject: Your request


Asked around, found one nova who can in fact focus his eyesight down to the quantum level. As a favor he described to me what he sees as the fundamental unit of matter. Turns out it’s not strings after all…it’s teeny tiny elves flipping you off.

In case that was too sutble: no, I won’t provide a blurb for your stupid book.

From: Dr. Anna Calhoun, PhD <ricochet@projecteden.com>
To: Knuckles <knuckles@projecteden.com>, Alice Anderson <psyche@projecteden.com>, Dr. Cara Whitmore, MD <cherub@projecteden.com>, Niko Kozlov <beguiler@projecteden.com>, Gang Xue <grid@projecteden.com>
Subject: Tuesday Night

There’s a ten-part documentary on the origins of the universe starting Tuesday at 9pm on PBS…and my place has a screening room. Who else is thinking team night? I’ll have popcorn and beer! 





To: Psyche, Ricochet, Knuckles, Cherub, Beguiler: FOR THEIR EYES ONLY
CC: Director Mays
From: Ceastus Pax, Nova Attaché to the Director
Date: 5/12/99
Re: Code of Conduct

»Welcome Aboard.
Congratulations to each of you on your new assignment with Team Aegis. It was great getting to know each of you in training. We are all hopeful that we can contribute in a meaningful way to the vision of a new world. As you have probably heard by now, I have been appointed Nova Attaché to the Director. I will be a direct line to the Director should you have any concerns or questions about our assignments, organization, or policies. We will be working with you and the local Seattle government to begin a program of Community Workshops in which each of your individual talents will be featured in a way that positively affects the community.

I need to be very clear when I say this, please forgive me if I seem terse. We are NOT displacing the local police and civil servants. If our aid is requested we will do what we can to help. The general populace is still very uneasy about the recent explosion in Nova numbers. They fear us. They shouldn’t. We must show them that their anxiety is unnecessary, at the very least when dealing with delegates from Project Eden.

That said, we have already established a protocol for the time if and when our aid is requested:

Project Utopia Code of Conduct
1. You Are Not Above the Law – First and foremost, obey all local, State, and Federal laws.
2. Diplomacy First – If a situation arises that leans toward confrontation, employ every reasonable avenue possible to bring the situation to a peaceful end.
3. We Are Here To Help – Project Utopia’s mission statement declares that it the organizations goal to “further the progress, well-being, and stability of life everywhere on planet earth.” Never forget, you are our public face and diplomats to the world, and you represent all Novas.
4. Violence Is Seldom The Answer – But sometimes it is. If a situation moves beyond a diplomatic possibility and the lives of innocents are put at risk (particularly by another Nova), you are authorized to your use your talents to diffuse the situation as quickly and safely as possible. Lethal force should be the absolute last option.

Thank You and Good Luck,




To: Alice Anderson, Eustus Featherbottom, Cara Whitemore, Anna Calhoun, Nikolai Kozlov
CC: Director Mays
From: Mark Meechum, Deputy Director of Operations
Date: 5/11/99
Re: Welcome!

» Hello to all our new and fresh faces First, let me say congratulations to each of you, we are all very excited at the new day that is dawning here and all over the world. I hope you all have found our little organization to your liking. We all look forward to leading the charge (with your help!) in shaping a better tomorrow for all of mankind. The future is here!

Now, to business, you have each been chosen to be members of Team Aegis. Teams of Novas are being set up all over the country (and the world) to act as agents of good will and (if need be) aids to the local authorities in crises such as disaster management or crime control. Note: This is not to suggest that any Project Utopia employees may act with impunity. All local, state, and federal laws must be upheld at all times. Furthermore, Team Aegis is only to assist local authorities when that assistance is requested and sanctioned by the local government officials.

Team Aegis will be dispatched to Seattle, WA. There are offices there being prepared for your arrival now. Wait until you see the view! The people of the West coastal areas have been a bit more receptive to the ideas of Nova aid within the community and we feel strongly that you should encounter little resistance from the locals. For now, your responsibilities will include public relations and community outreach. It may be that in time your territory will expand beyond the borders of Seattle and out into the surrounding area, perhaps even to the entire state, or the entire Pacific Northwest! Until then, we must focus on the here and now, assuring everyone that Novas are just people with extraordinary abilities and no more reason to be feared than their neighbor.

For the Office of the Director

After Action Report


Agent Name: Langley, Jason XXX.XX.1457

Affiliation: Bureau of Intelligence and Research

Assignment: Venice, Italy – Attached to Agent Horner

Event Synopsis: 2/25/98 – Agent Horner and I were paged at approximately 0230 with a call of an occurrance in St. Mark’s Square. Local authorities were already in place containing situation. Several US nationals had been rounded up and put into quarantine by the AISI. Agent Horner and I immediately began negotiations with the Italian Consulate to have those detainees released to us or, failing that, at least allow us interviews with the detainees. The AISI released the names of the American citizens to us: [INFORMATION REDACTED]

3/2/98 – After nearly a week of stonewalling our investigation and denying the detainees any rights under the guise of their ‘medical quarantine’. Agent Horner and I were allowed to speak with the detainees concerning the events of 2/25/98. We had little time to prepare for the briefing but were able to cobble together a collection of news footage from the night of 2/25/98 and the following week. The footage gave a very general impression about what had happened with The Galatea crash and the radiation that entered the atmosphere. We were surprised to find that one of the captives was an Italian national who had, apparently, not been kept with the other Italian civilians that were detained. His name was provided. We answered as many questions as we could and assured the citizens that their families would be notified of their relative safety and that we would work around the clock to have them released into US custody. It was during this time that I placed a tracking system on one of the American citizens so that we would be informed if the Italians tried to move them.

3/3/98 – Agent Horner and I were paged at approximately 0100 with a call that the US nationals had escaped the custody of the AISI and were considered fugitives from the law. There were also reports from local officials about a ‘creature’ creating havoc throughout the town proper. Agent Horner and I worked closely with local police but were unable to peaceably apprehend the suspects at that time. They fled to the mainland and into the Venetian countryside.

3/5/98 – After receiving the uplinked tracking information from HQ we found that the tracking system that had been placed was still functioning and was now transmitting from the Swiss Alps just north of the Italian border. It appeared the subject (it was unclear, at that time, whether the group had remained together) had boarded a train bound for Salzburg. That train had been stopped and searched by the AISI, and the American fugitives escaped capture a second time. This intelligence was not freely shared by the AISI as dictated as protocol by UN Accord 1455, Article 22.3, section 4.2.3. Agent Horner and I were en route to the location when we received a call from HQ that the tracking system was on the move, no longer by foot and heading East and quickly leaving Swiss airspace. We continued to track the system until it came to rest on the Caspian Sea near the Kazakhstani town of Gurjev.

At this point, Agent Horner and I, along with our Deputy Director, came to the conclusion that the Americans were now hostages to a hostile third party. Whether that party was state-sponsored was not yet evident. We began preparations for a hostile evac operation immediately. Agent Horner handled the proper diplomatic channels. I was in charge of gathering the assets needed for the strike. In total the assets I requisitioned for the operation were: [INFORMATION REDACTED]

3/7/98 – Operation Ghost left Ankara Air Force Base at 0100. Agent Horner was in Washington. Operation Ghost arrived at the theater of operations at approximately 0700. The installation was a former Soviet base. The complement of troops stationed there at the time of the operation were too well trained and outfitted to be Kazakhstani. A private paramilitary or terrorist organization seems likely. A beachhead was established by gunships and a forward base was setup while the infantry and mobile armor began sweeping the compound with gunship support. The installation turned out to be more heavily guarded than anyone anticipated or was shown by satellite intel. American casualties were higher than expected but not outside of acceptable losses. As we were encroaching on the central compound a lone truck approached the forward base. It was traveling swiftly as if being pursued but did not seem to be a threat. Visual confirmation of the American hostages allowed the truck to pass through the gate into the forward base. With the packages safely retrieved, the mobile armor and infantry fell back to defensive positions and aggressive suppression was engaged by the AC-130H. The citizens were accompanied by two other hostages, neither of local nationality.

The citizens were transported to Ankara Air Force base and placed on a C-17 Globemaster bound for Washington DC. They were debriefed and released. The non-American nationals were put into the care of FBI, until their host consulates could collect them.



All of the captives from Operation Ghost exhibited traits and symptoms that were consistent with recent eruption. The non-American nationals were also exhibiting similar symptoms, though the Swedish citizen had obviously been the victim of some kind of macabre experimentation by their captors. It appears that one of the Americans, [INFORMATION REDACTED], had been scheduled for an invasive procedure involving the brain but had escaped before it could be performed. No indication was given by the agency as to our knowledge of any of these matters.

Several weeks later each of the Venetian detainees was invited to a gala event hosted by the Aeon Society. It was during this event, that the creation of Project Eden was unveiled and each member of the Venetian 5, plus the Romanian national, were offered a position within the organization. To the best of our knowledge, all accepted.


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