Through the Looking Glass

by Juniper200

I don’t like being lied to.

We walked down the hall, blinking and blind, still shaking from the fight with…whatever the hell that thing was.

Even if he is telling the truth, I am not going back there.

It seemed I could hear every ragged breath and choking sob from the civilian Novas, people who never signed on to fight or bleed or die the way we had.

I trust Langley. He helped us before.

Paradoxically, the silence of the hall rang in my ears, drowning out even my own heartbeat.

Some time in the two weeks following N-Day, you were detained by the authorities.

The light is everywhere, around me and through me. I can barely feel where that thing stabbed me.

It may have been a traffic stop, or an arrest, or something bigger.

The light starts to fade, and my head swims. And then my heart stops.

Regardless, you are currently being held in a facility in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan. He mentioned it so many times, and it was the only captivity I thought of as we struggled with the decision to follow Langley’s instructions.

I can help you.

But the Italians had us first. We never even met Langley until we’d already been in custody for days.

And I can get you out.

Langley never existed. I’ve led these people into a trap.

I trust Langley. He helped us before.

The light is gone, but I still can’t see. Then I hear a voice. It’s the man I knew as Grid.

I don’t like being lied to.

Through the Looking Glass

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