• Beguiler


    Beguiller uses his unearthly beauty, powers of persuasion, and psychic abilities to aid his team when brute force is not the answer.
  • Cara Whitmore

    Cara Whitmore

    Dr. Cara Whitmore, of the wealthy and influential Chicago Whitmores, is a parasitologist and pediatrician who has dedicated her career to eradicating the effects of preventable diseases such as malaria and yellow fever in the African subcontinent.
  • Gang "Grid" Xue

    Gang "Grid" Xue

    Grid is a Chinese refugee who possesses the ability to interface directly with electronics. He can also transform into pure electrical energy and travel great distances instantaneously via power lines and optic cable.
  • Knuckles


    Able to absorb kinetic energy and use it to augment his strength, Knuckles is the tank of the group.
  • Ricochet


    Dr. Anna Calhoun, BS University of Iowa (Applied Physics), MS University of Texas at Austin (Extragalactic Astronomy), PhD University of California Berkely ("Faint Galaxy Redshift Survey Behind Massive Clusters")